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Inclusive social security: an entry point for gender equality in the MENA region


Gender equality in the MENA region is limited. But attempts to improve it could yield substantial benefits for everyone as well as for the economy. A way in which this outcome can be achieved is through inclusive social security. Our infographic below gives an overview of the various positive impacts inclusive, lifecycle social security would […]

In the news – our latest webinar

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We are pleased to see our latest webinar, Exploring economic and fiscal constraints and possibilities, make the news. Click to read the story in Arabic at Al Ghad news. For English speakers, you can find a translation below.  An international workshop, held online yesterday, recommended the need to expand social security and social protection in Jordan, to […]

Upcoming webinar: Exploring economic and fiscal constraints and possibilities

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On 8 February at 11am GMT, the Inclusive Social Security Policy Forum (ISSPF) in the MENA region is holding the webinar ‘Inclusive social security: exploring economic and fiscal constraints and possibilities‘. This webinar will strengthen knowledge on inclusive social security, specifically targeted at the MENA region.  Our panel discussion, followed by Q&A, will focus on International […]

News: Lebanon replaces subsidies with ration cards


Lebanon has approved the Ration Card Law, which aims to support 500,000 families in Lebanon with cash transfers averaging $93USD per month. Like many MENA nations, Lebanon subsidises essential items such as fuel and dietary staples, some of which Lebanon has moved to phase out. Subsidies can be regressive, because the greater subsidy goes to […]

News: Oman reaffirms commitment to social protection

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H. E. Leila Ahmed Awad Al Najjar of the Omani Ministry of Social Development has given an interview with the Oman News Agency about the country’s ‘Oman 2040’ programme, in which she redoubled Oman’s commitment to developing a comprehensive social protection system and observing humanrights. She highlighted the commitment as part of the Oman Vision […]

News: Saudi Arabia expands child benefits


Arab News reports that the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia has expanded its child benefits to the children of Saudi mothers and non-Saudi fathers. In KSA and several other Arab states, citizenship can only be passed on by fathers, leaving the children of women who marry non-nationals without citizenship, which often means exclusion from the state […]

New Paper: Social Registries: A Short History of Abject Failure


Stephen Kidd, Diloá Athias & Idil Mohamud Development Pathways collaborated with the Church of Sweden to examine the utility of the so-called “social registry”, a database that determines people’s eligibility for welfare programmes within social protection. Their report highlights the high errors produced by these social registries, which leads to people being wrongfully excluded from […]

News: The World Bank is supporting social protection in Jordan


The World Bank is supporting the Jordanian government to strengthen social protection. Will the resources go beyond a crisis response and targeting the poorest, and toward building a more sustainable, rights-based and inclusive social security system for Jordan? It would seem to make sense if the Kingdom is the Bank’s “largest strategic partner in the […]