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Fiscal space for social protection in the MENA region

How can countries in the MENA region make fiscal space to finance universal social protection? Chafik Ben Rouine, Founder of the Tunisian Observatory of Economy, charts three potential routes: taxation, accommodating the macroeconomic framework, and debt restructuring.  Download PDF

For a universal social security system in Tunisia!

In collaboration with the Tunisian Observatory of Economy, we present an infographic guide on building a universal social security system in Tunisia. The graphic representations largely derive from the paper: Shifting the paradigm: building an inclusive, lifecycle social security system in Tunisia. Download PDF

Shifting the paradigm: in-depth study of the social security systems in Lebanon


This paper provides an in-depth assessment of the current social security system in Lebanon from a lifecycle perspective. It marks the gaps in coverage and adequacy of the existing benefits and explores specific triggers of vulnerability among the Lebanese population. By Nora Aboushady and Sebastian Silva Leander.

Inclusive social security and the social contract


Despite a growing body of evidence that inclusive social security is central to building the social contracts required to underpin stable and prosperous nations, social security systems in MENA countries remain generally weak. By Daisy Sibun.

Gender equality infographic


Inclusive social security: an entry point for gender equality in the Middle East and North Africa region draws from knowledge and data from the working paper ‘Social security for inclusive growth’ and presents it in visual form. By Idil Mohamud, Anh Tran.

Overview of Jordan’s social security system


Jordan’s social security system consists of both contributory schemes for those working in the formal sector, and tax-financed schemes. However, social security benefits reach only 27.8 per cent of the population. By Chad Anderson.