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Upcoming webinar: Inclusive social security and the increasing cost of living in the MENA region

Join us for our webinar Social security responses to increasing the cost of living in the MENA region on Tuesday 29th November at 11:00-13:00 UK time (GMT). 

To register, please click here and complete the steps in the Eventbrite form. The event will be conducted in English and Arabic. 

The webinar will feature discussions on the current social security responses to recent increases in the cost of living in MENA, aiming to address the following key issues:

1. Key indicators and implications of increasing costs of living in select countries since COVID-19 and the war in Ukraine

2. Key social security responses in select countries and who benefits from them

3. What factors guided these responses (fiscal space, IFIs, institutional capacities, etc) 

We will be welcoming Dr. Osama Diab (Researcher and Expert), Mr. Ahmad Awad (Director of Phoenix Center for Economic and Informatics studies), and Mr. Seif Ben Sassi Director of the Monitoring and Evaluation of Social Policies and Programs Department / Center for Research and Social Studies, CRES, Ministry of Social Affairs-Tunisia) onto our panel.